Zuvi Halo Cordless Hair Dryer

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With the Zuvi Halo Cordless Hair dryer, you can dry your hair anywhere and anytime. Zuvi's unique LightCare™ technology dries hair at low temperatures, making it ideal for short hair and heat-sensitive scalps, including children's and pets'. People with acitive life style will also enjoy its convenience.  ​

Featuring three drying modes, it boasts a lightning-fast charge to 90% in just 19 minutes. Charge it conveniently while you shower, eat, or surfing the Internet. ​

  • Choose from three drying modes
  • A sleek charging dock that complements your room décor and supports quick charging
  • Ensuring ultimate peace of mind comes with eighteen safety features, including child lock, automatic power off, etc.

Note: Accessories and Attachments are NOT compatible with this Cordless Hair Dryer

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Ultimate Freedom

Unleash effortless drying anywhere, anytime! Ditch the cord and dry your hair with ultimate freedom. Take the Cordless Zuvi Halo from your bathroom to your bedroom, or even pack it for travel without a second thought. Compact and cordless, the Zuvi Halo travels seamlessly from room to room and effortlessly packs for trips. Enjoy a touch of luxury without sacrificing valuable space.

Transform Routine into Family Fun

Traditional dryers can be noisy and uncomfortable, making it a struggle for parents and children alike. The Cordless Zuvi Halo empowers comfortable, and shared experiences for both parents and children. Children won't be bothered by heat, and its versatility extends beyond family members to include your beloved furry friends. Now, imagine the joy of not only bonding with your kids but also pampering your pets together.

Say Goodbye to Harsh Heat

Forget about scalp discomfort and hair damage! The Cordless Zuvi Halo utilizes LightCare™ technology, drying hair at a constant, comfortable 99°F/37°C using light instead of ultra hot air from resistors. It's perfect for those with sensitive scalps, color-treated hair, or anyone seeking a gentler, healthier drying experience. Regular use may help improve hair manageability and shine.

Dry Your Way

Don't limit your options! The Cordless Zuvi Halo's gentle drying and flexible settings cater to everyone's needs. Men who value quick styling will appreciate its drying times, even for thick or short hair. Athletes and anyone with active lifestyles can enjoy clean, refreshed hair after workouts without the worry of heat damage. Its low heat and versatility make it suitable for various hair types and textures, promoting healthy, manageable hair for you.

Safety First, Style Always

Your safety our top priority. The Cordless Zuvi Halo has 18 built-in safety features, including a child lock and automatic shut-off after no movement for worry-free drying. Plus, our advanced 120-layer titanium coating filters out potentially harmful light frequencies and emits only eye-safe and body-safe light, making it gentle and comfortable for the whole family.

Power Up in a Flash

The sleek charging dock of the Cordless Zuvi Halo not only revives your dryer to 90% in just 19 minutes – perfect for quick touch-ups – and 100% in 34 minutes, but it also doubles as a convenient storage solution for your daily care essentials. Keep your styling tools, lotions, cosmetics organized and within easy reach, eliminating clutter and saving you valuable room counter space.

Style for As Long As You Want

Enjoy up to 27 minutes of drying time, depending on your needs. Choose from:

  • FAST mode: Get ready quickly with powerful combination of light and air, perfect for efficient drying.
  • SOFT mode: Gently care for your hair with soft light and wind, ideal for delicate styles.
  • COOL mode: Refresh your style or lock in your look with a blast of cool air.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Knight (United States)
Great with fine hair

I'm dot worried about my hair becoming brittle. The drying process takes a bit longer, but the results are worth it. Love my new cordless hair dryer.













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